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HisoHiso - is the illustration and design which focuses on children’s play and storytelling. Our vision is to make spaces and situations which trigger children - on their own as well as together with their adults - to explore their own imagination and conquer their own stories. Owning your own stories means knowing you have a part to play in the world, it gives you personal relations to language and that in turn allows you to take place in your surroundings.

HisoHiso is the collected work of Ida Elisabet Liffner and Weiwei Cao Persson. What started as an assignment for studies, is now emerging in ongoing projects and adventures. The project was founded in 2013 as a collaboration by the two, at the time master students at Child Culture Design master program, HDK in Gothenburg, Sweden. We find our strength in our culturally and geographically different backgrounds, our common imagery and our shared conviction that work and play are two very good friends.

HisoHiso believes in the power of the imagination. We believe that creativity is the most important motivations for future societies’ development.