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COLOR LAB W is a creative Workshop in a mother language environment for children who are new in this country, Sweden. This workshop was started in 2017 by Weiwei Cao Persson who is from China but spent her whole childhood in Japan, and today lives in Sweden. Weiwei has been spending a long time defining her identity and belonging, she deeply understands the feelings and issues of a child who is new in another society and culture. COLOR LAB W is a place where children can come to and speak their own mother language, be creative and have fun.

COLOR LAB W is not a traditional child painting class. If you want your child to learn how to draw an elephant that looks like an elephant, the COLOR LAB W's workshop may leave you disappointed. The curriculums are designed to provide children with hints of creativity, a variety of ways of thinking and different ways of observing things. We aim to eliminate the traditional concept that a painting is good or bad, to like or dislike. Let’s think outside of the box!

As the name COLOR LAB W implies it is a laboratory, the workshops are experimental activities with different themes, rather than teaching. Every child who comes to the workshops will be a research member of our lab and get a member ID card. So we do not have a teacher and student relation, everyone is part of the lab.

The workshop is held twice a month on average, for 1 hour, max 10 children (depends on the workshop theme), we provide all the workshop materials. Now we have over 40 different themes of workshops that can be arranged with the season, climate and current affairs. And still developing more themes…

Now the COLOR LAB W workshop curriculums are existing in two languages, Chinese and Japanese. If you are interested in another language version, please contact Weiwei Persson by email:

Come, join us to explore and discover the fun of artistic creation!

Picture from a workshop to discover emotions and colors. What can we draw to show our happiness instead of a smiley face 😊? This is how a 9 year old feels happy.

Picture from the workshop “My Little Apple”, drawing with five senses.

Picture from the workshop “Design a Dream Country”. A 4 year old says “One island for dad, one for mom, one for cat, one for dog… And all of them should be connected by bridge and they need a boat line!”

Left: Picture from the workshop “My Genius Hat”. A 6 year old made a pregnant dinosaur that eats cars and a man who is always scared of everything but he can become a hero to fight against the monster.
Right: Picture from the workshop “Shapes and print”.